GCSFNE reestablishes promotion and fundraising activities

The Graphic Communications Scholarship Fund of New England has recently initiated revitalization efforts to promote the scholarship fund to prospective applicants and educational institutions.

“It is very important for vocational and technical high school students to know there is scholarship fund that will assist them in furthering their education in the graphic communications and allied fields of study”, said Ward McLaughlin, President of Boutwell, Owens & Co. and Chairman of the GCSFNE scholarship committee. He continued, “Our industry needs bright young people interested in finding a career with us. It is no longer an industry characterized by ink under the fingernails, but one needing talent and expertise in areas as diverse as data management, IT, workflow engineering, equipment operation, sales and business management.”

In addition, GCSFNE began fundraising efforts to permit expansion of the number of scholarships awarded each year. Currently, there are 34 students receiving financial support. Scholarships are awarded up to a maximum of $2500/year for those students attending a 4 year accredited program.

To review scholarship requirements, download an application or to make a tax deductible donation to the fund, go to www.gcsfne.org.

About the Graphic Communications Scholarship Fund of New England

GCSFNE, established in 1957, is a 501c(3) non-profitable charitable organization dedicated to assisting students wishing to continue their education in graphic communications and allied fields of study. It is completely focused on the workforce development of the graphic communications industry.

Contact: Tad Parker, GCSFNE, 5 Crystal Pond Rd, Southborough, MA 01772.
Call 508-804-4110 or email Chair@gcsfne.org.